Decorative Glass

Leaded and Bevelled Designs

Leading is the application of an adhesive lead strip to the glass, which is done entirely by hand in our factory. The leadwork can be produced to your own design or it can follow the more traditional patterns such as diamonds, rectangles and squares.

We use a variety of thicknesses and colours of lead. Leadwork can be combined with coloured film to produce a stained glass effect.

Bevel clusters can be used to further enhance leaded designs.

Integral Bars

Georgian bar is a method used to make a large pane look like several small panes. Bars are available in different colours.

Another method of giving the appearance of several smaller panes is to insert back to back spacer bars. These bars need to be covered internally and externally with a beading system.

Brilliant Cut Design

Brilliant cut designs are manufactured by diamond cutting into the surface of the glass.

When incorporating brilliant cut designs into sealed units, the diamond cut surface is sealed inside the unit so no specialist cleaning is required.

As well as the designs shown, we are able to offer a bespoke service enabling the customer to create their own design.



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